• A Colorful Vaping Mobster On A Soapbox
    Juul: The Vaping Mafia? Or Just Another Soapbox?
    Has Juul become the Mafia of vaping? Technically, yes because they're involved in a lawsuit with RICO as the basis.
  • Doctor and Politician with Vaping in Background
    For Greed or Public Health?
    We take a look at whether the States' concerns over vaping are motivated by public health or motivated by greed.
  • Protect Your Vaping Rights Rhode Island Bill H5603
    Take Action Now: Rhode Island Bill H5603
    Vote now on Rhode Island Bill H5603. Protect your right to vape.
  • Vaping Vs. Tobacco Cigarettes In Hands
    The Real Public Health Tragedy
    With all the media lately on vaping and public health,  most people are led to believe that vaping is just as bad if not worse than smoking.  Few people know how much safer vaping actually …
  • Vote No On Vapor Tax Increases
    30% Wholesale Tax On Vapor Products
    Bill SB 263, will impose a 30% wholesale tax on vapor products. It is scheduled for a public hearing on: Thursday, March 28, 20191:30 PMSenate Committee on Revenue and Economic DevelopmentLegislative …
  • Hand Holding Vape Pen With Vapor
    Seychelles Will Lift its Vape Ban and Regulate Sales
    Seychelles will lift its vape ban and regulate sales soon, according to health officials from the African island nation. New legislation will be approved by the country’s Cabinet of Ministers. …
  • Duluth Flavor Ban
    Duluth C-Stores Comply With Flavored Product Restrictions
    Published 2 hours ago on March 21, 2019 ByJohn Castle In a move described by some as “circumventing Duluth’s flavor ban,” at least two local convenience stores have constructed smoke shops within …
  • Aerial View Of City Maryland
    Maryland Pursues Statewide Tobacco 21
    The State of Maryland has set its sights on establishing Tobacco 21 policy statewide, among other measures. The veritable armada of proposed legislation encompasses two primary objectives: Maryland …
  • Aerial Shot Of State Meeting Room
    Illinois Senate Passes Tobacco 21 Bill
    Published 1 week ago on March 14, 2019 ByAngela Garrity The Chicago Tribune reports that the bill to raise the age to purchase tobacco products to 21 years of age has passed the Senate in a 39-16 …
  • Strawberry Lips
    FDA Takes Aim at Flavors
    Published 1 week ago on March 13, 2019 ByAngela Garrity The FDA is aiming at flavored tobacco products, putting flavored cigars and e-cigarettes on enforcement notice.   The proposal would ban …
  • Silver Sculpture
    Illinois Comes A Step Closer to Tobacco 21
    Published 1 week ago on March 13, 2019 ByAngela Garrity The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that Illinois is a step closer to becoming the next Tobacco 21 state, after the House Bill 345 passed in the …
  • City Loading Zone
    Basalt Considers Pause on Tobacco Tax
    Published 1 week ago on March 12, 2019 ByAngela Garrity Aspen Daily News reports that the town of Basalt realizes it might have its citizens complaining to the state of Colorado regarding the city’s …