You can usually find these facts in just about every pro-vaping forum or group. What you won’t always find is the source material. We have spent a great deal of effort to not only gather these vaping facts, but to provide you with the source material so you can share them confidently.


Vapor Products Are 95% safer than cigarettes

Safer doesn’t mean harmless. In multiple studies, the Royal College of Physicians found that e-cigarettes were a healthier alternative to smoking, they are not a gateway to smoking and they can act as a gateway from smoking. As a result of their findings, they are advising the British government to promote e-cigarettes as a substitute for smoking.


E-cigarettes do not contain tar

Since vaping devices do not deliver nicotine via combustion, they do not produce tar.


Adults Like Flavors Too

A study published in 2018 concluded that the majority of persons who switched from smoking to vaping did so with fruit flavored e-liquid. A very small portion made the switch with tobacco flavors.


Vaping Is More Successful Than Nrts for quitting smoking

The New England Journal of Medicine conducted a randomized 1 year tobacco abstinence trial among 886 people. They found that e-cigarettes had an 18% success rate while NRTs had a 9% success rate.


No Links Between Cancer and Nicotine

To this day, there has yet to be a successful study showing a link between nicotine and cancer.


You Are more likely to get popcorn lung from cigarettes

Diacetyl is 750 times more prevalent in cigarettes than in e-liquid. Some e-liquids do not contain any diacetyl. 


NRTs Contain more heavy metals than e-cigarettes

Diacetyl is 750 times more prevalent in cigarettes than in e-liquid. Some e-liquids do not contain any diacetyl. 


Second Hand Vapor is not the same as second hand smoke

A University of California-San Francisco study found that expelled vapor contained only 6.2% of the nicotine that was inhaled. The National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health even tested the air inside a vape shop while 13 people vaped in it. They found flavoring chemicals and formaldehyde to be well below the allowable limits. In fact, the presence of nicotine was almost absent from their findings.


There is more nicotine in a pack of cigarettes

Most leading closed pod vaping systems have 41 milligrams of nicotine in each pod. Most leading brands of cigarettes contain 204 milligrams of nicotine per pack.


3.3 Million Life-Years gained if smokers switched to vaping

A study in the Nicotine and Tobacco Research Journal concluded that if smokers would gradually switch to vaping, we would gain 3.3 million life-years by 2070.

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