South Portland, ME, Considers Flavor Ban

Rainy Sidewalk With Houses

on March 31, 2019

ByJohn Castle

The city of South Portland, Maine, has set an ordinance in motion which, if passed, will ban the sale of flavored vapor products for South Portlanders.

The ordinance was drafted by Corporation Counsel Sally Daggett. While city council members essentially agreed with the text of her draft version of the ordinance, they have given her time to research and revise her draft based on models provided by ordinances put forward in cities like Chicago, New York City, and Providence, Rhode Island.

The city will open a workshop for discussion of the proposed ordinance on March 21st, after which it must give 30 days notice to local tobacco and vapor retailers before a first reading may be held.

The ordinance, as currently written, would ban any flavors in tobacco or vapor products other than tobacco, menthol, mint, or wintergreen. If the ordinance passes through the necessary hurdles without setbacks or delays, it is projected to be put to a vote in May.

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