Take Action Now: Rhode Island Bill H5603

Protect Your Vaping Rights Rhode Island Bill H5603

What Does Bill H5603 mean for Rhode Island vapers? House Bill 5603 seeks to enhance the definition of “tobacco products”. Also, to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products and vaping devices from 18 to 21. To view the bill, click here.

Vaping continues to be lumped in with Harmful combustible tobacco products. The number of people that have access to it’s life saving technology is being taken away. If this is being done in the name of reducing underage vaping numbers, then why does the data prove otherwise? According to a 2016 Cornell Medical School study, age restrictions on vaping products led to an 11.7% increase in teen combustible cigarette use.

But the fight is not over! You have the power to turn the tide and keep your freedom of choice. Contact your local representatives. Let them know that you don’t want to limit the amount of healthier people in this world.

Rhode Island Bill H5603 is scheduled for hearing on 5/9/2019. This leaves no time to spare. Click here and fill out the form on the right to join the fight for your right to vape!