Maryland Pursues Statewide Tobacco 21

Aerial View Of City Maryland

The State of Maryland has set its sights on establishing Tobacco 21 policy statewide, among other measures.

The veritable armada of proposed legislation encompasses two primary objectives: Maryland House Bill 1169 would push the legal age for purchase of nicotine products to 21 years of age, while House Bill 1185, also under consideration, would prohibit the sale of e-liquids of youth-appealing branding and mandate child-resistant and tamper-resistant packaging.

Of note, House Bill 1185 was proposed by members of the Maryland vapor industry in a bid to have input toward self-regulation. Said Vapor Technology Association representative Rob Garagiola, “There should not be Cocoa Puffs or Tony the Tiger-type marketing.”

House Bill 1185 additionally requires vapor products at retail points of sale to be kept behind the counter, display signage discouraging minors from attempting to purchase nicotine products, and increase the fine for violating retailers from $1,000 to $2,500 for second offenses.

The two House Bills have corresponding Senate Bills. All four pieces of legislation are proceeding briskly through the Maryland legislature.

Published 4 days ago

on March 17, 2019

ByJohn Castle

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