India’s Health Ministry Blocks JUUL

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Published 4 days ago

on March 17, 2019

ByJohn Castle

The expansion of JUUL’s product line onto the international market may face serious obstacles in south asia, where India’s Health Ministry has put forward a desire to block the entry of the vapor manufacturer from that country’s market.

JUUL has already hired executives for a planned subsidiary in India, but Health Secretary Preeti Sudan has sent a letter voicing objection to the entry of the company:

“Novel products such as ‘JUUL’ are harmful and addictive and could potentially undermine our tobacco control efforts. It is felt that the young generation would be particularly vulnerable to such products and gimmicks.”
Preeti Sudan, India Health Secretay

Asked for comment on Sudan’s letter, JUUL spokeswoman Victoria Davis signaled that the company is eager to work with Indian lawmakers and authorities to secure approval of their products in the Indian market, saying that JUUL remains, “open to dialogue with lawmakers and regulators in order to help switch” India’s smokers to the less harmful products.

India, however, may be a hard sell, as the country has already outright banned vapor products in one third of its 26 states.

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