The NVA is a Political Action Committee (PAC) formed in 2014 to bring together businesses vested in the electronic cigarette industry.  To not just fight legislation but to help educate our state officials about this life saving technology. It is critical that they know the differences between how vaping is portrayed in the news, and what our industry really is, and the life changing effects vaping has on the people of Nevada. It is important that we educate and not just fight as states are being overly taxed on vapor products across the country.  We not only fight to keep our small businesses alive but educate the public, and our legislators to ensure a healthier future for all.

NVA Bronze Membership Seal

$100 / month

Bronze Membership is designed primarily for our retail stores, but also a good fit for small vapor companies & out of state members.  As a retail store owner you play the most important role in our industry, for without you there would be no industry! You serve as the face to the consumer with the power to change how our industry is perceived.  Retail stores are critical to creating a healthy economy of businesses that are changing lives! 

NVA Silver Membership Seal

$250 / month

Silver Membership is best for medium sized vapor companies, online retailers, and larger retail vapor stores. While bronze is our most popular level, some companies would like to provide more financial resources to the Nevada Vaping Association.  You give us more power to fight to insure that we continue to have a future in this industry.  As a silver member you’ll receive priority logo placement on our members page and around the NVA website.

NVA Gold Membership Seal

$500 / month

Gold Membership is primarily designed for distributors & manufacturers but is great for any member who wants to contribute more to our fight!  As a gold member you are eligible to serve on the board allowing you to play a critical role in the decision making process.  All gold members receive support from the NVA including recognition at events, premium logo placement on the website and promotion for your products to our retail store members.

Membership Benefits Include:

  • Automatic membership with the VTA
  • Special member only discounts on vapor products
  • Assistance with fighting local ordinances
  • Keep up to date with regulatory issues that affect your business
  • Logo placement on our members page showing your suport
  • Eligible to become an officer of the NVA
  • Voting rights to elect NVA officers
  • 1 retail store location in our store locator
  • Member seal to show your support online and in-store

Your Contributions

All NVA Officers operate on a voluntary basis and do not use membership contributions or one time donations for their own personal gain. Your contributions are handled responsibly to facilitate the needs of the organization and its goals. Below is an itemized list of how we allocate funds.

  • Lobbyist(s)
  • PAC Memberships
  • Accounting
  • Bank Services
  • Credit Card Processing Fees
  • Website Development | Website Hosting
  • Travel Expenses | Convention Fees | Transportation
  • Printed Materials | Pamphlets | Business Cards