Our Purpose

There are hundreds of vape retail stores across the State of Nevada with real American business people inside every single one. Our purpose is to protect these businesses and their consumers from detrimental policy implementation. The NVA achieves this goal by educating elected officials on appropriate courses of action, supporting elected officials that are committed to safeguarding the vaping industry and partnering with lobbyists that have the same values in mind.

Who We Are

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We are parents that promote responsible marketing, child-resistant packaging and age verification systems to prevent underage use.

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Former Smokers

We are former smokers that made the switch to vaping. Our passion is to provide a healthier alternative to smoking for our community.

Business Owners

We are business owners that care about our industry. We fight to ensure Nevada business owners and their family’s livelihoods are kept intact.

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Industry Experts

We are experienced advocacy professionals who will work at the state level to promote the vapor industry and combat harmful legislative efforts. 


Mob E-Liquid Owner and NVA President Alex Mazzola

Alexander Mazzola

Mob E-liquid

Hot Shot Vapor Owner and NVA Chairman Joe Landolfi

Joe Landolfi

Ohms 2 Vapor

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Robert Solomon

ECIG Distributors

Board Members

Sin City Vapor Owner and NVA Board Member Tom Harmon

Tom Harmon
Sin City Vape

Jamie Homampour
Blue Diamond Vapor

Chris Finch

Chris Finch

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Karter Au Yeung
eight cig distributors

The Nevada Vaping Association Charter

The (NVA) PAC is governed by a committee of board members and executive officers that are also vape shop owners or industry professionals in the State of Nevada and regulated by the Federal Election Commission rules and guidelines for Political Action Committees and was formed to provide its members with a voice in the political process. The (NVA) PAC also allows for one Consumer member to serve on the Board.

Elections and Duties

The board members and executive officers after initial formation shall be elected annually but separately with the board member election to take place every February, and the officer’s election taking place annually every January. The duties of board members and executive officers are to represent its members in all political arenas within the State of Nevada including state, county, and local political bodies and insure vigorous participation in representing all of our member’s interests to insure a pro small business environment and prevent ill advised, onerous, or unfair legislation to the best of their abilities.

Education of our elected officials will be of paramount importance. The board shall be tasked with discussing and voting on when, where, and how to direct monies to best represent our members’ interests such as but not limited to lobbying, informational posters and flyers, hiring of contract employees for specific tasks, website costs, banking and bookkeeping, and so on. It is understood that all board members and executive officers are unpaid voluntary positions.

Contributions and Guidelines

All monetary contributions from members shall be used for lobbying and advocacy on behalf of our members. The board shall establish operational guidelines that member businesses agree to meet including but not limited to No Sales To Minors, Child Safe and Tamper Evident e-liquid containers, and no sales of questionable or illegal substances that have no place in a legitimate Vape Shop.

Fundraising by member businesses in the name of the (NVA) PAC may only occur under the supervision of the (NVA) PAC and follow the guidelines set forth by the governing board.

The Charter/Mission was voted on and approved by General members, PAC Officers, and NVA Board members on 03/01/2015.

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The NVA is a community of industry leaders that focus on educating the public and our legislators about tobacco harm reduction. We promote better public health by encouraging smokers to make the switch to vaping.

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