30% wholesale tax on vapor products

A bill, SB 263, which would impose a 30% wholesale tax on vapor products, is scheduled for a public hearing on

Thursday, March 28, 2019
1:30 PM
Senate Committee on Revenue and Economic Development
Legislative Building, Room 2134
401 S. Carson St.
Carson City, NV

Videoconferenced to:
Grant Sawyer State Office Building, Room 4412
555 E. Washington Ave.
Las Vegas, NV

Please make plans to attend this hearing. Even if you do not plan to speak, your presence is important as it demonstrates the large numbers of people affected by this issue.

Prior to the hearing, take a moment to send a message to lawmakers urging them to reject this tax on life-saving products.

One thought on “30% wholesale tax on vapor products

  1. Alex Mazzola says:

    We want to thank everyone who showed up to fight sb263 along side with the Nevada Vaping Association yesterday and appreciate all the support in Carson City, NV great job by Kinn Elliot from VTA, Our lobbyist William Horne and Edith Duarte from 360 Strategies, and Gregory Conley AVA.

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